A Closer Look at the Few-Shot Adaptation of Large Vision-Language Models

Julio Silva-Rodríguez · Sina Hajimiri · Ismail Ben Ayed · Jose Dolz

ÉTS Montreal

CVPR 2024


  • Adapter-style efficient transfer learning allow black-box, and fast few-shot transferability of VLMs.
  • Existing Adapters learn a combination of zero-shot prototypes and support embeddings to leverage taks-specific predictions.
  • Pitfalls: prior Adapters require a validation subset to fix key hyperparameters, unrealistic on the few-shot data regime.
  • Proposed: Few-shot adapters with model selection strategy based only on the support set.
    • Zero-shot Linear Probe (ZS-LP): a surprisingly strong well-initialized Linear Probe.
    • Class-Adaptive Linear Probe (CLAP): constraining the learnt prototypes to remain close to zero-shot weights.

Few-shot VLMs Adaptation

The adaptation of Vision-Language Models using few-shots as supervision benefits from the efficient transfer of the pre-trained features. Two alternatives are currently popularized: Prompt Learning, and Adapters.

Pitfalls on Existing Adapters

Existing Adapters exhibit strong performance only in narrowly-defined experimental setups, and with a careful adjustment of hyperparameters based on a large corpus of labeled samples. To outperform a carefully designed Linear Probing (ZS-LP) baseline, these methods require to optimize their hyperparameters on each target task, which is unrealistic.

Class-Adaptive Linear Probing (CLAP)

We propose a novel approach that meets the requirements of real-world scenarios. We introduce a CLass-Adaptive linear Probe (CLAP) objective, that constraints the learned prototypes to retain prior zero-shot knowledge adaptely based only on the few support shots, and uses an homogeneus learning configuration accross tasks.


Please cite our paper if it is helpful to your work:

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